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New Mandao App offers a better user experience

Jóvenes con celulares promocionan nueva app de Mandao.

Download, install, register. By just applying these three simple steps, many users are already enjoying version 3.0 of the new Mandao app. More fluid interaction, more attractive graphics and improvements focused on offering a better experience in the ordering process are a sample of the new features the application offers.

Do you want to know what else the new Mandao app offers? First, before reading further, you should install this new version available in the app stores for Android and iOS. Now that you are set with the new version, we can start the journey through several of these new functionalities, some of which have been added based on feedback and suggestions of our users.

Easier, faster and more mandao

SEARCH, FIND and NAVIGATE is now easier. Your search options have been expanded to allow you to look for: the specific product you want to consume from the getgo , the restaurant that has been recommended to you, or the categories and collections that Mandao has created for you. And that’s not all. Right next to the search bar you will find a button where you can use various filters to make a more personal choice and adjust your criteria. The mobile application is capable of first suggesting those restaurants that are closer to your location, those with the best ratings, or those with the shortest delivery time. Alternatively, you can customize your search by price range and maximum shipping cost.

Illustration showing the option to add favorites.
With the new Mandao app you can create a list of favorites. Image: Mandao.

If you look closely, you will notice a small heart on the cover photo of each restaurant. By tapping it, you can add the establishment to your FAVORITES, and thus you will have them organized in a single place where you can find them quickly. To do this, you have to go to the Profile Menu. What if you no longer want that restaurant among your favorites? Simple. Uncheck the red heart in the main panel and it disappears from your list.

Prepare your order in advance

SCHEDULE ORDERS is the ideal functionality for those who like to plan parties or guarantee their favorite dishes for the weekend. In the upper right corner of the application screen, in the so known “Mandao yellow”, you’ll see a button that says Now. By default, your orders are automatically scheduled to arrive the same day in less than 60 minutes.

However (and here comes the good news), by tapping on the icon you can change the date and time of your order to schedule it up to 5 days before the delivery date. When you activate this option, the restaurants available in your desired time range will display. Imagine arriving at a birthday party without the cake and then surprising everyone with your scheduled order inside one of Mandao’s backpacks!

Chat with us and evaluate our service with the new app Mandao

Two features highly requested by users are related to orders. Through COMMUNICATE WITH THE MANDADERO, you will be able to chat with the delivery person, leave notes with details about your location, and even make calls from the moment he/she picks up your “mandao” at the establishment. On the other hand, when you FOLLOW YOUR ORDER, you see the four phases of the process: order acceptance by the restaurant, preparation of your order, collection and delivery.

User and courier chat using the new Mandao app.
Now it’ss posible to communicate with the person who takes your order with the new Mandao app. Image: Mandao.

Ready! You already have “Mandao” in your hands. Now is the time to leave the EVALUATION, which you can leave feedback for the business through stars and comments, as well as for the messengers through likes, dislikes and comments. The improvement here is that we make this process faster, easier and more interactive.

There is still much for users to discover in this new version of the Mandao app and all the functionalities that it offers. Download it, explore its features, order with it and share your experience with us!

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